Common Ground

Three Quarter North

Some notes about the album “Common Ground” by Three Quarter North
Spring 2020

The One I’m With. Dave made countless revisions and rewrites of this tune At least 10 to the lyric alone. The band still was reluctant to call it finished. Dave added a piano part, a little ukulele, and finally, everyone got into the studio to do their part including TWO dueling kazoo solos with Mark Smith and Dave. This tune is meant to put a smile on your face.

Inside Walls. We’ve been performing this song for years but never recorded it. Now that we’re all stuck inside due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems particularly relevant. Mark Smith and Dave share the lead vocals with lots of voices in the chorus. Picture yourself outside sitting around an evening campfire and you’ll get the idea.

My Baby Ain’t My Baby Anymore. Mark Smith wrote, arranged, and mixed this tune. Mark says he wanted to write a tune with a traditional bluegrass theme and feel. We think he succeeded.

Summer Song. A tune about longing and loss that also seems relevant in these trying times. Mark and Dave laid down the basic tracks with guitar, bass, and vocal. Then Bob played the banjo in ways you don’t usually hear it played - lots of very subtle harmonics. Mark Smith does all the lead and harmony vocal parts over Mark Bagdon’s plaintive fiddle tones.

Some Rivers. This song has become one of our most popular tunes to perform. We released it as a single a few years back but wanted to make it a little jauntier for the album. We boosted the mix to give the mandolin and percussion a little more punch.

Rosebud. A banjo Bob Altschuler original instrumental. We recorded most of the instruments at the same time live in the studio.

Mr. Spacemen and Nellie Kane. Recorded live at the Old Kinderhook Fall Festival in Kinderhook New York. . We like the way these capture the energy and excitement of a Three Quarter North performance,

Common Ground. Dave wrote this song but wasn’t happy with the lyric so Mark Smith stepped in and made some sense out of it. It’s a reflective tune that tries to tie all the themes of this album together.
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