Here are some new tunes from our CD "Common Ground." First up is "My Baby Ain't My Baby Anymore." Aw, shucks, it's not that bad. Cheer up and listen to the birds chirping. "Inside Walls," about a day dreamer who wishes he was outside instead of inside, "The One I'm With," a fun tune featuring ukulele,  piano, and dueling kazoos, and "Summer Song" about, well, summer and, maybe, a little bit more. 

Also check out "Some Rivers," listed by radio station WEXZT at number 8 on their best of 2017 list. 

We've been digging through our live music vaults and found a few gems we think you'll enjoy. If you've been to one of our live shows, you've heard us play "Old Home Place." We do it at every show for our sound check. Here it is from an appearances at the Howling at the Moon Series - Mabee Farm in Rotterdam Junction.

Here's a video from our recent performance of Bob's original, "Rosebud" at the Adirondack Folk Festival in Schroon Lake

Here we are live at Arthurs Marketplace. Check out the videos below