Our own Banjo Bob Altschuler was profiled in the December 2018 edition of the Adirondack League Newsletter. To quote what we already knew, the paper reports, "Bob Altschuler is one of the area's best banjo players, and over the years he has built a reputation as a teacher and mentor to others, both as a banjo teacher and in teaching others to jam (along with Tom Thorpe)". That's our Bob!

The 518 Spotlight

We were recently featured in an article in the 518 Spotlight paper.

Schenectady Gazette

"Back Home" was reviewed in the November 2013 edition of Bluegrass Unlimited

THREE QUARTER NORTH—BACK HOME—No Label No Number. This group from the Albany, N.Y., area includes Mark Smith (guitar), Jim Atkins (banjo), Mark Bagdon (fiddle), Joe Pasko (percussion), David Rhodes (bass), Nelson Gage (mandolin), and also their soundman, Pete Houghton. This project consists of all original material, with the exception of the traditional Irish reel “Star Of Munster.” Songwriting is split mostly between David Rhodes and Mark Smith, with Atkins contributing “Pony Express.” Rhodes’ tunes include “Old Boys,” “Wolf At The Door,” “Judgment Day,” and “Sarah Light The Candle.” Smith’s compositions include the title cut “Back Home,” “Another Year,” “Dirty Old Rag,” and “Too Big To Fail.” The songs are arranged around Smith’s strong guitar work and the instrumentation and vocals blends augment the sound. Recording quality is good, but the package has minimal liner notes. (Three Quarter North, 11 Pineview Ave., Delmar, NY 12054, www.threequarternorth.com.

The Alternative Root Magazine

Our latest CD, "Back Home,"  was reviewed in The Alternative Root magazine in August 2013.  Here's the text of that review.



Three Quarter North offer an introduction without directly pointing at themselves on the opening track for their most recent release, Back Home. “Old Boys” may not be the men in Three Quarter North, but they will fit the bill until the real ones come along. The tune references “old boys making grown-up noise”, their likes are simple, Tom Petty on the radio, songs about hobos and trains, and their needs few so, working for the tip jar is fine, thanks. The men behind the instruments, and those in the song, have one common goal “They’re gonna rock on Saturday night, gonna sleep in Sunday all right”.Three Quarter North are a five-piece band from upstate New York. The bands found a mutual love of bluegrass, folk and roots music and they let each style weave together as one pattern in their songs. “Sarah Light the Candle” whispers a fast paced prayer, the desperation in the request is not reflected immediately in the easy vocals but the force of the playing underscores the plea. As “Another Year” saunters into a song it walks on a solid rhythm with fiddle strings flying around the story line, “Star of Munster” dances to a traditional Irish reel and “Dirty Old Rag” scurries and scampers on a scratchy strummed bounce with fast-flying riffs. Three Quarter North deserve that Sunday rest if Back Home is any indicator of what they boys get up to on Saturday night.


The Schenectady Gazette wrote about Three Quarter North in 2011